How Does a Relationship Survive a Trucking Career?

How Does a Relationship Survive a Trucking Career?

It’s difficult to maintain a relationship with another person when that other person is so frequently away.

Trucking can be a lonely lifestyle. It’s difficult to maintain a relationship with another person when that other person is so frequently away. The good news is that with some hard work and dedication, it can be done! Here are some of the challenges of trucking relationships and some tips for staying together!

Long Distances

Long-haul truckers can be gone for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Regardless of where their “home base” is, these prolonged absences can make it feel like you’re in a long-distance relationship. Added to that, there are many parts of the country where cell phone reception is very low or totally nonexistent.

Scheduling Difficulties

It can also be difficult to schedule a time to spend time with a trucker. If your trucker has an early-morning delivery, they will likely be driving for most of the night and bee too tired to talk. Traffic conditions can also be a factor. If there was more traffic than expected while on the way to a destination, your trucker may have much less time than expected to take a break.

Trust Issues

Even if a couple gets to see each other every day, trust can be a challenge. Since truckers spend so much time apart from their significant others, those issues can become greatly magnified. Whether the trucker is worried about the partner at home or the one at home is worried about their trucker, it can be difficult to keep trust alive in a trucking relationship.

Staying Together When You’re Apart

  • Take a moment alone together. Even though time together may be at a premium, take the time to be alone together. Even if it’s just an hour that you carve out for yourselves, taking the time to just be together can be invaluable.
  • Communication is key. This is true in any relationship, but it is especially crucial for trucking relationships. The wide variety of mobile devices and apps makes this much easier than it has been in the past, and many public spots have a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect to if you don’t have a mobile data connection.
  • Manage your stress level. Trucking can sometimes be stressful, for a variety of reasons. Learning ways to manage that stress can really help your relationships, as well as your health.

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