How to Sanitize Your Truck and Protect Your Health

sanitize your truck

Learn how to sanitize your truck and keep your health protected on the road.

It is always critical for truckers to protect their health, particularly during long journeys. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more vital for drivers to be aware of their health and their trucks’ sanitation. Since truck drivers spend a significant amount of time in their truck, it is essential to make sure this environment is suitable for the driver and anyone else who may need to enter the vehicle. By following the tips below, you can sanitize your truck and know that you are taking care of your truck and your health. 

Select Your Cleaning Materials

The first step in adequately disinfecting your truck is to choose the right cleaning agents and materials. Isopropyl alcohol is a proven disinfectant that is safe to use on most interior truck surfaces. This cleaning product will remove many stains, smudges, and residues while killing bacteria and viruses. 

However, for leather components, a combination of soap and water is an acceptable way to clean them. You may also use chlorine dioxide to sanitize your truck. This common disinfectant and odor eliminator can be used in a vapor or liquid form by combining the tablet with water. 

When cleaning your truck, you should always use microfiber towels, which lessens the risk of damage to surfaces. Wash your towels thoroughly after every cleaning session. 

Use Gentle Cleaning Methods to Preserve Your Truck 

While truck interiors are meant to be tough, any hard scrubbing with a rough cloth can cause scratches or discoloration. When you sanitize your truck, you must also be mindful of how you clean the surfaces. Using a gentle wipe with alcohol on hard surfaces and gentle circular cleaning on upholstery helps protect your truck surfaces. 

You should also be mindful not to use too much water on your seats. Too much water can soak through your upholstery and into the cushion beneath, which can grow mold and create quite a problem. 

Don’t Forget Truck Exteriors

Don’t forget to sanitize your truck exteriors as well. Wash your trucks regularly at truck stops, and pay attention to the surfaces that have frequent contact with your hands and shoes. These areas, such as step boards and exterior door handles, can be washed with soap. 

Sanitize Your Truck on the Road

As you drive along your route, you are exposed to germs and viruses that may follow you back into your truck. If you don’t have time for a more thorough truck clean, focus on the common contact points like door handles and controls, start buttons, the steering wheel, gear shift, radio, and more. Use disinfectant wipes on these high-touch surfaces to help keep your truck clean, and your health maintained during long journeys. 


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