Signs That Your Semi-Truck Needs An Oil Change

Signs of a Needed Oil Change Middleton & Meads

Would you know if your semi-truck was overdue for an oil change?

One of the most common and fundamental maintenance tasks for any vehicle is an oil change. All motor vehicles need consistent oil changes to run smoothly. This maintenance task should be relatively straightforward. However, because an oil change doesn’t need to happen for months at a time, drivers or fleet operators can push it to the side. Also, a vehicle’s age, mileage, and climate in which the semi-truck operates all play a factor in how many oil changes a semi-truck should have. Would you know if your semi-truck was overdue for an oil change? Here is how you can tell! 

Excessive Vehicle Exhaust

Modern motor vehicles generally don’t release visible exhaust from their tailpipes. If you see smoke trailing from your sem-truck, there may be an issue that needs your attention. Excessive vehicle exhaust stems from the motor oil being too old to work optimally. Exhaust changes can also help you determine if there are engine problems such as cracked gaskets. 

A Loud Engine Means It’s Time for an Oil Change

Motor oil lubricates your semi-truck so that each part can operate smoothly. When the oil in your truck becomes old or poorly textured, you’ll be able to hear it. When you drive with oil that doesn’t have the best quality, your engine may make a knocking sound or ticking sound. 

A Mileage Increase

If your semi-truck has some miles on it and you’ve returned from a more extended trip than usual, you should check your semi-truck for an oil change immediately. Typically, a semi-truck should have an oil change around the 25,000-mile mark. 

Your Semi-Truck Shakes When Idle

It’s a red flag if you feel your truck shaking or vibrating as you remain idle. These vibrations usually stem from there being friction in your engine, affecting your ride’s quality.  

You’re Not Able to Start Your Semi-Truck Right Away

When you start your vehicle, it should turn on right away. If you notice a ticking sound as you turn your key into the ignition, this could indicate that the oil doesn’t have the proper texture. As a result, this issue could lead to a delay in how quickly your semi-truck starts. 

If you’re experiencing issues with your semi-truck and due for an oil change, reach out to us today! 


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