Truck Safety Tips: Driving Through Hurricane Season

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Today’s topic of discussion is truck safety tips and how you can stay safe during hurricane season.

Today’s topic of discussion is truck safety tips and how you can stay safe during hurricane season. Hurricane season for Maryland is from June 1st to around November 30th. Hurricane Ida brought catastrophic flooding and storm damage. When you’re driving a truck that carries tons of pounds, even a bit of rain can slow down your day and make getting through your route more dangerous. However, a hurricane proves to be even more treacherous and even fatal. For this reason, we’re sharing truck safety tips that can help you get through hurricane season. 

We’ll Always Stress the Importance of Pre-Trip Inspections in Our Truck Safety Tips.

We will always stress the importance of truck drivers ensuring that their vehicles are in the proper driving conditions. Before your semi-truck leaves the yard before any storm, you need to inspect your truck before your trip. 

If There’s a lot of Wind, Pull Over. 

Before a hurricane begins, there is heavy rain and intense storms. Robust winds can pull a truck or cause it to flip. Even a parked semi-truck is susceptible to strong winds. If you notice your vehicle leaning or pulling, pull over when it’s safe to do so. 

Keep Checking Weather and Road Conditions 

Hurricanes are unpredictable, being that they can change course quickly. You should check the U.S. Department of Transportation road conditions and closings throughout the storm’s duration with that in mind. If there is a state of emergency in a particular area, you should delay shipment. 

Flooded Roads are Dangerous: Avoid Them 

It’s best to avoid flooded roads because deep holes, debris, and power lines can hide beneath the water. If possible, adjust your route to avoid areas with severe flooding. If the storm seems too unsafe to drive through, stop your vehicle and visit a rest stop under the storm becomes calmer. 

Stay Alert 

Our truck safety tips will also always include being a defensive driver. Defensive driving means that you’re alert to the road ahead and your surroundings. You want to keep yourself safe and those around you as well. In addition, when you get enough rest, it ties into being a defensive driver. The heavy demands on truck drivers during inclement weather (and in general) can be taxing. If you’re not getting enough sleep or taking enough breaks, it aids in delayed response times, or worse, falling asleep at the wheel. You don’t want these things to happen during a hurricane. 



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