What is a Runaway Truck Ramp and Where Can You Find Them?

What is a Runaway Truck Ramp and Where Can You Find Them?
Driving at higher elevations can be much more dangerous than at ground level.

When you’re a trucker, you never know where your next trip will take you. Maybe you’ll be in the mountains. Driving at higher elevations can be much more dangerous than at ground level. That’s why runaway truck ramps are in place to help you when you need them.

What Are They?

A runaway truck ramp is built on a downhill highway. It must be built with different trucking conditions in mind, though. That’s because gear settings could prevent downshifting, and brakes might be inoperable. These ramps help reduce the number of incidents where a trucking accident could cause a road to be shut down for other motorists. Two other problems that these ramps help solve are the potential for serious injury or even death as caused by these accidents.

Places to Look

There are several places around the country where you can look for runaway truck ramps. One is found at Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee. At the very top of the mountain, there is a ramp that leads to an inspection checkpoint. During this stop, you can make sure all of your tires, gears, and brakes are in good condition. You’ll also get more information about what the road ahead is like and how to navigate through it safely. Although trucks must stay to the right while going down the mountain, the runaway ramps are on the left side.

The second place to look is Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado. Uncontrolled speed on the western side of the Pass is what leads to most trucking accidents. There are two ramps to be found here, both on the right.

The third place you can find a runaway truck ramp is Teton Pass in Wyoming. The ramp here is covered with sand to help slow you down. But as in Monteagle, you’ll need to cross the road to get to the ramp. To enter it safely, keep to the center as much as you can.

The fourth place to look is Mount Rose Highway in Nevada. This is State Highway 431, which has been known to give truckers trouble. This ramp features a crash arrestor that will help guide you into safety webbing that will catch you and prevent you from sliding off the highway, which comes as a huge relief given that over 5000 vehicles a day travel along this road.

Of course, these are not the only runaway truck ramps in the country, just a couple of examples.

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