What Truckers Wish Other Drivers Knew

What Truckers Wish Other Drivers Knew

Listen up, because this is what the truckers you pass by on the road want other drivers to think about from time to time.

Driving is a dangerous business. Wherever we go, there are always inconsiderate motorists out there who are looking to get one car ahead by any means necessary. While this is risky for anyone operating a passenger vehicle, for professional truckers, the risks are even more prominent because of the heavy loads they are carrying. Listen up, because this is what the truckers you pass by on the road want other drivers to think about from time to time. 

Watch Your Following Distance 

One of the biggest frustrations that truck drivers have with other motorists is that they follow the truck’s trailer too closely. Every truck is larger than most other cars, which means that they need more space to operate safely. The follow-distance is even more important to think about when an accident happens. That’s a smaller car can be wedged underneath the trailer and cause severe damage to both vehicles and the passengers. Any semis on a bridge can be pushed aside by strong winds that can also damage the cars around it if they are too close behind. 

Avoid the Blind Spots 

Another tip from your friendly local trucker is to avoid the blind spots. Please don’t go in these zones, because they are much harder for the driver to monitor. Stay twenty feet ahead of a truck and thirty feet behind, just in case

Don’t Pass While We’re Turning 

Turning and changing lines are two of the biggest challenges for anyone behind the wheel. But these routine tasks are no joke for truckers since they often have to be mindful of no-zones. These zones are the areas where the truck needs to have more of the road available to complete their turn or lane shift, and any cars too close to them could be damaged or destroyed by a freak accident. 

The Speed Limit is Your Friend 

Many drivers on the road think of the highway as their asphalt empire. That means they can treat every trip like a Sunday drive or a go-kart race. But here is something truckers wish that all regular drivers knew: the speed limit is your friend and keeps everybody safe. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

One last piece of advice is for the other drivers to pay attention to the road around them. Accidents are even more likely when no one is driving defensively. This isn’t the time to check your phone or put makeup on, both of which are terrible ideas while you need to concentrate on what you are doing. 


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