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Benefits of Stertil-Koni Truck and Bus Lifts

Quick preventative maintenance is not always the easiest task when it comes to tractor-trailers (also known as 18 wheelers, big rigs, or semis) and busses. While that may be true for most companies, it is not for Middleton & Meads. Here we use Stertil-Koni mobile lifts. These lifts allow Middleton & Meads to raise any vehicle that we service, anywhere in our shops, as well as outside our shop.

Each lift is individually positioned under the vehicle’s tires and through the use of a control panel on each lift the vehicle is raised. The setup time of the lifts is much quicker than the setup of jack stands, which improves the efficiency of the repair.

The Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT features/ benefits include:

•      Self-regenerative feature extends recharging intervals to 27 cycles at full load

•      Columns are made from 98% recyclable components

•      All electronics meet RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) norms

•     Batteries are 100% recyclable

•     Operates using biodegradable oil

EARTHLIFT is also one of the first truly green, wheel-engaging mobile lifting columns in the industry. Lift columns return electrical charge to the on-board batteries through a unique AERS (Active Energy Retrieval System), which uses the force of gravity to generate energy that recharges the batteries during each lowering cycle.

Pretty neat, huh?

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With three locations to serve you throughout Baltimore, Washington and Virginia, Middleton and Meads will keep you “on the road.” So go ahead and do what you do best and let us take care of the rest. Our service professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. That is why companies of all sizes depend on us – day in, day out, mile after mile.

The Middleton & Meads Company has a long and respected history in the transportation industry. We are a family owned and operated company through four generations, celebrating over 90 years quality of truck, bus and equipment repair and service.

We work with you to provide the solutions to your transportation needs!

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Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts From Stertil-Koni