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Bus Inspections: Is Your Motor Coach, School Bus, Transit Bus, or Shuttle Bus up to Code?

Every day, about 500,000 school buses transport more than 25 million students to and from school. But how many of these busses are up to code?

Article of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration states that, “At any time during regular Administration or school business hours, the Administration may: (1) Audit school vehicle inspection operations and records; and (2) Conduct school vehicle inspections.”

What would they find?

To ensure that your bus meets state regulations, bring it to Middleton & Meads. We are a Maryland state certified inspection station for all your motor vehicles needs expect motorcycles. For our school buses we follow the type A and B inspection forms, which are outlined in Motor Vehicle Administration form (07-07).

Type A Inspection: is bumper-to-bumper inspection that includes pulling wheels and checking brakes. This inspection is done once every year. A licensed state inspection station or a school vehicle inspection station that is certified by the Motor Vehicle Administration must do this inspection. These stations are subject to follow annual inspection requirements, which here at Middleton & Meads Co. we are happy to comply with.

Type B Inspection: is a Type A inspection but with out pulling wheels and checking the brakes. Type B inspection on school buses must be performed 2 times a year. The inspections must be scheduled 60 days apart and must be performed by a licensed state inspection station or a school vehicle inspection station that is certified by the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Hopefully this helps you better understand the school bus inspection requirements. But what about those drivers who own a motor coach, transit bus, or shuttle bus? Don’t worry; we at Middleton and Meads can help you too!

Here at Middleton & Meads co. we are happy to help you determine what you need to get your school bus, motor coach, transit bus, or shuttle bus inspected. So if you have any questions, please contact Middleton & Meads by calling 410-752-5588 or click here today!

The Middleton & Meads Company, based out of Baltimore, Maryland, has a long and respected history in the transportation industry. We are a family owned and operated company through four generations, celebrating over 90 years quality of truck, bus and equipment repair and service.

Middleton & Meads is licensed to perform state inspections on any vehicle (except motorcycles) we service at our Baltimore & Beltsville locations. Middleton & Meads employs multiple state inspectors to help provide correct and efficient inspections.

We work with you to provide the solutions to your transportation needs!

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