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Preventative Maintenance Standard for Tractor Trailers: Is Your Truck Ready for Winter?

Last week we addressed preventative maintenance and your bus. This week will address tractor-trailers, also known as big rigs, semis, and 18-wheelers. Whatever you call your truck, is it ready for the icy winter conditions on the way?

It is only October, and already we are slated for the first snowfall of the year. It is shaping up to be a harsh winter. Can your truck handle it?

Title 11, subtitle 22, chapter 02 of the Maryland PM Handbook – Preventive Maintenance Standards for Trucks and Truck Tractors – outlines the minimum preventative maintenance requirements for vehicle registered as Class E (truck) with a registered gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight greater than 10,000 pounds, or Class F (tractor).

Maintenance requirements include:

Alignment: Inspect axles, beams, spindles, and mountings for broken, damaged, worn, rusted, bent, or modified conditions.

Suspension: Unequal vehicle height, broken or damaged spring leaves, spring shackles, bushings, center bolts, U-bolts, control arms, torque arms, torsion bars or equalizers can affect vehicle steering, alignment, tracking, handling, and stability.

Steering: Inspection of vehicles equipped with power steering shall be conducted with the engine running, power steering fluid at the proper level, and belts in proper condition and tension.

And much, much more!

Title 11, subtitle 22, chapter 02 of the Maryland PM Handbook outlines the minimum maintenance requirements for your truck. More frequent maintenance, service, and repairs is recommended.

So rely on Middleton and Meads Company to make certain your truck or fleet is prepared for the cold days and nights. We have all the winter products that you’ll need to be safe AND profitable this winter.

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