Questions to Ask when Shopping for a Refrigerated Trailer

Shopping for a refrigerated trailer does require some extra consideration.

There are many different types of trailers used to haul freight, mainly flatbeds, closed trailers, vehicle carriers, and refrigerated trailers. Most of these are pretty standard. However, shopping for a refrigerated trailer does require some extra consideration. There is a lot more that goes into making them functional than other types of trailers. Here are a couple of important questions you should ask when you’re shopping for a refrigerated trailer.

How strong is the refrigeration system?

One of the most important elements of your refrigerated trailer is the actual refrigeration system. This system is responsible for ensuring your cargo stays properly preserved until you’ve reached your final destination. Most refrigeration systems run on their own diesel engine, separate from your truck. Look carefully at the specifications of the refrigeration system you’re considering. It should be rated to cool a space the same size as or slightly larger than the interior of the trailer. Longer trailers will need ductwork to ensure that everything stays cool.

Is the trailer insulated well enough?

Perhaps nearly as important as the refrigeration system itself is how well the trailer is insulated. Much like your home, your refrigerated trailer needs quality insulation in order to function efficiently. When you’re driving down the highway during the day, there is little to no shade. With the black asphalt attracting sunlight, the heat produced by vehicle engines, and friction from tires, there is quite a bit of heat that gets created. The trailer’s insulation should be able to block all of that out so that the refrigeration system doesn’t have to work harder to compensate.

How does it open?

The door of the trailer also makes a lot of seemingly insignificant differences. Depending on the type of door on the trailer, it can increase or decrease efficiency of the cooling system. For example: roll-up doors are easier to open and close, but harder to seal and insulate. Rubber curtains in the back of the trailer can help to keep the cold air in, but these do need to be replaced periodically because they do break.

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