5 Tips for Safe Trucking During the Holidays

Middleton & Meads Safe Trucking Holidays

It’s important to practice safe trucking during the holidays while there are a lot more cars on the road and every trip is a little more stressful.

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes some extra stresses of the road—especially for professional truck drivers. We can’t control all of the drivers around us, but we can control our own driving and behavior. It’s critical that we take steps to drive safely throughout the holidays and winter months.

Plan Your Route

Planning your route carefully and thoroughly is important year-round for professional truck drivers, but it’s even more important during the holiday season. Be mindful of when a lot of people will be traveling, where and when inclement weather is likely to occur, and plan your route to avoid as many problems as possible. Staying out of cities during rush hour or times when a lot of people are traveling will hopefully keep you from becoming stuck in traffic, saving you potential hours on your drive. It’s also critical to watch weather reports and see if your route will experience rain, sleet, or snow—know when each area will be hit and try to find a way to avoid it, if possible, to ensure a safer drive.

Match the Speed of Traffic

When you’re driving on the highway, especially when there is a lot of traffic, always be sure to match the speed of the traffic around you. Trying to outrun everyone else and maintain a faster speed only puts you and other drivers at risk. An accident will cost you more time than you save driving recklessly, so just avoid it and go with the flow.

Be Mindful of Other Drivers

When there’s a lot of traffic, other drivers might be the ones trying to work their way through the crowd to get ahead. Keep an eye on the road and take note of anyone driving recklessly so that you can try to avoid them. Other drivers can become especially impatient around large trucks and will sometimes make dangerous maneuvers to get around them, so it’s best to make an effort to stay out of their way if possible.

Don’t Drive Impaired

The holidays are a wonderful time for reuniting with family and friends and enjoying things you don’t always get to, including alcohol. If you’re a professional truck driver, be mindful of your drinking, and don’t drink before you have to drive. This is an important practice all year, but drunk driving incidents rise during the holiday season as everyone wants to cut loose and enjoy themselves. Always remember to have fun responsibly.

Avoid Road Rage

Holiday driving is a test of anyone’s patience. Slowdowns, accidents, and reckless drivers will almost certainly turn up on your routes during the winter months. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm—play music that helps you unwind, take a break when things are getting to be too much, or do anything else that helps you stay cool and centered.


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