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Safe Driving in the Fall

Middleton & Meads Safe Driving Fall

As the leaves fall, the weather cools, and the nights get longer, it’s important to consider safe driving tips in the fall season.

As a truck driver, you have to be on the road every season. Each season comes with its own special weather patterns and road hazards. Knowing what these hazards are can help you to be a more careful driver and develop a sense for these potential issues while you’re out on the road. In the fall, there are a few new problems that need to be considered by everyone on the road, from weather to changes in available daylight, and wildlife activity—all of which can be a serious hazard to every driver, whether they’re in a car or semi-truck.

Fall Weather

Fall weather can change quickly and be a bit more treacherous than the comfortable summer weather that we’ve all gotten used to. There will be more rain, along with the possibility of hail, sleet, high winds, and even snow as the months go on. Keep a close eye on the weather report so you aren’t caught off-guard during your routes and can prepare for the safest drive possible. As leaves begin to fall in droves, don’t forget that they can hide significant road damage such as potholes, and piles of wet leaves can cause trucks to hydroplane. Watch for these hazards while you’re out on the road to stay safe.


Drivers should be on the lookout for wildlife year-round, but they become much more active during the fall season. According to State Farm Insurance, the majority of car accidents involving deer happen in November. October and November are the mating season for North American deer, making them more active and more likely to end up in the path of your vehicle. It’s a good idea to drive slower, especially in areas with deer crossing signs, to try to avoid a collision that could cost you time and require repairs to get your truck back on the road.

Longer Nights

As fall makes its appearance, the nights will continue to get longer. Planning around darker evenings and having your lights checked to ensure they’re fully operational is imperative for safe driving. If you can’t spare the extra drive time on your routes to stop as it gets dark, it’s crucial to test your lights and fix any that aren’t working at full capacity so you can drive safely and see as clearly as possible during the sunless evenings.


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