How to Drive Safely As Winter Turns to Spring

driving a vehicle

Every driver knows how difficult and dangerous it can be to operate a vehicle.

Every driver knows how difficult and dangerous it can be to operate a vehicle. Now take a minute to think about what that is like in adverse conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is a traffic slowdown due to an accident or bad weather. As winter turns into spring, the weather can become more unpredictable, especially as you move from one of your routes to the next.  

Watch Out 

Owner-operators probably won’t spend as much time running routes as they used to do. Even so, they should oversee the training courses that all incoming truckers take before they can get their CDL certification. These courses emphasize the importance of driving safely, such as watching out for changing traffic and weather patterns. Other drivers might not be as careful or considerate as you or your fleet drivers are. Snow and ice can happen almost anywhere in the country, but surprisingly enough, they aren’t the sole cause of road accidents. It’s much more likely for the wet pavement to affect safety conditions along with rain and driver fatigue. Falling asleep behind the wheel is dangerous enough for the average motorist, but when driving a truck, it can become much more of a hazard than it is for other vehicles.  

In the Sunlight 

Even in good weather, it can be hard to see. Bright sunlight can affect visibility just as badly as too much darkness. Even on cloudy days, it is a good idea to keep several spare pairs of polarized sunglasses and hats to repel the effects of glare that can blind and distract even the most experienced truck driver. Luckily, these items are often sold at truck stops and convenience stores as you travel from one destination to the next. They are commonly sold because it’s normal for people’s eyes to become fatigued while driving, as well as their mind. To prevent fatigue-related incidents, make sure you get ample opportunities to stop and rest! 

Dealing with Storms

Stormy weather isn’t always just rain, snow, and ice. Hail can strike unexpectedly, and so can unusually high winds that can make crossing a bridge a harrowing experience. Climbing mountains, particularly in Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, can be scary as well, which is why runaway truck ramps exist and are such an important safety measure for driving more safely.