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Ready Your Fleet with Fall Maintenance

Middleton & Meads Fall Maintenance

Keep your fleet in top form by having important fall maintenance done to prepare for the harsh winter roads ahead.

As summer begins to wane and the signs of fall start to show, it’s important to think about critical maintenance for your fleet that will prepare every truck for the cooler fall temperatures and the eventual onslaught of the harsh winter months. Thinking ahead and planning your maintenance and repair schedule can help you stay on top of everything, making it easier to ensure that every truck is in tip-top shape before it hits the road.


The extreme heat of summer can significantly damage a truck’s battery, so it is important to check them or have them checked and swap out any that need it. A dead battery can cost drivers a lot of time on the road, so it’s good practice to make sure every truck in your fleet has a properly functioning battery. It’s an easy and inexpensive repair, so don’t skip it—a faulty battery will cost a lot more in the long run.


As the weather cools and the threat of winter looms ever closer, it’s good practice to begin checking the brakes on your fleet and execute maintenance and repairs when necessary. This task is best saved for late fall so that your trucks have fresh brakes ready for the treacherous winter roads. It protects your company’s bottom line, but more importantly, it protects the safety and lives of your drivers.


Tire pressure fluctuates based on the exterior temperature. Before any trip, always make sure you or your drivers are checking the tire pressure so that they can be adjusted as needed. Tire blowouts are a serious hazard that is much more common than it needs to be—keep everyone safe by sparing a few minutes to monitor tire pressure. Fall is also a great time to check the wear on your truck tires. Having fresh tires with deep treads ready for winter is a great way to minimize risk to your drivers.


Stay on top of your oil changes. Bad oil can affect the other systems of the truck, causing serious damage throughout the engine. Give every truck a quick check to make sure they’re all up-to-date on their oil changes and take in any that are overdue or getting close. A truck with an engine that is well-maintained will run smoothly and efficiently, relieving stress on the driver, mitigating risk to the trucker and others on the road, and ensuring that every job gets done on time without issue.


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