Bus Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Fleet in the Best Shape

Bus Maintenance Tips Middleton & Meads

Today we will go over some bus maintenance tips because your transportation business is only as strong as the buses in your fleet.

Today we will go over some bus maintenance tips because your transportation business is only as strong as the buses in your fleet. This fact will always remain true whether you manage a local public transportation system, a private transportation system, or a bus charter operation. While a daunting task to keep up with, bus maintenance is the only way to keep your passengers 100% safe. Every vehicle should be ready for the road to ensure that the reputation of your business is in solid standing. Here are a few bus maintenance tips to keep your fleet in the best shape. 

Bus Maintenance and Daily Inspections

At the beginning of each shift, every driver should be completing maintenance checks. A daily maintenance check involves an inspection that examines apparent maintenance issues to reduce the chances of an accident while carrying passengers. It will be in best trucking practices if you give your drivers a daily checklist to go through before driving. The list should include your drivers checking the fluid levels and the: 


  • Overall Bus Structure
  • Tires
  • Light and Signal Function
  • Seatbelts
  • Brakes
  • Steering and Horn Operation
  • Door Function
  • Cleanliness

Schedule Regular Inspections with Middleton & Meads

Preventative bus maintenance is necessary and saves you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Drivers should understand many safety precautions. However, it’s not realistic for fleet managers to expect them to be experts in every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair. For this reason, you should bring your buses to us routinely so that our technicians can ensure that your fleet is running optimally. Our team can change the oil, fill coolants, and other fluids. Our team can also examine potential issues in significant components such as the tires, brake system, cooling system, battery, and exterior rusting. 

Tackle An Issue As Soon As You Discover There Is One

When you handle a problem right away, it can be great on your wallet. The goal of any fleet manager should always be to keep costs low, your fleet functional, and keeping your drivers and passengers safe at all times. When you have a set budget, it’s easy to procrastinate and put off tackling bus maintenance tasks. However, as a result, you may find a small issue snowballing into a larger problem and costing you more money down the line. 


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