Commercial Truck Tires: What to Look For

Guide on Buying Commercial Truck Tires Middleton & Meads

Researching how much commercial truck tires can handle ensures that your drivers stay safe and your trucks stay in peak condition.

Today we’re going to be taking a good look at what to look for when buying commercial truck tires. Fleet operators should commit to finding the highest quality yet reasonably priced equipment for their vehicles. With over a century of experience, you can trust that Middleton & Meads has the expertise to help you decrease your tire replacement costs. Here are three tips that any fleet operator will find useful. 

Consider the Load Capacity 

If you’re a long-haul driver, heavy equipment and a bulky load will put your tires under significant strain. Always consider the load capacity when you’re picking out commercial truck tires. We highly recommend asking the manufacturer about the capability and how the tires will perform under various stress levels. Researching how much commercial truck tires can handle ensures that your drivers stay safe and your trucks stay in peak condition. 

Don’t Count Out Off-Road Commercial Truck Tires.

The benefit of off-road tires is that they’re sturdy. Their hardier rubber compounds and stone ejectors remove debris, which is super useful for driving over rougher terrains. Tires designed for road operations aren’t always reliable because they can cause a safety hazard, especially if your drivers are going over rough terrains day after day after day. The rule of thumb here is to understand the kinds of routes your drivers usually drive. 

Steer Tires Help Keep Truck Drivers Safe

If your truck drivers have steer tires, then we know that they’re coming in handy during this winter snowfall. You want your drivers to be able to maintain steering control during wet, wintery conditions. Steer tires mount in the front axle position and direct water away from under the tire surface so that the tire stays in contact with the road. In conditions where a tire could hydroplane, this gives drivers peace of mind. 

The key here with a steer tire is to ensure its upkeep. If a steer tire has a flat, the vehicle won’t move naturally, and the truck will be more challenging to control. Buy high-quality steer tires so that your trucks can withstand rough road conditions, and your tires stay at proper inflation levels. 

For more tips on how to buy high-quality trucking equipment and keep your trucks well-maintained, keep reading our content or give us a call today! 


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