Semi-Truck Engines: Signs That They’re Failing

Signs of Semi-Truck Engines Failing Middleton & Meads

If your semi-truck engines are going through any of these issues, give Middleton & Meads a call today!

Today we will discuss semi-truck engines and common signs that they’re failing. Preventative maintenance can give semi-truck engines a longer lease on life. However, after your drivers have driven a specific amount of miles, it’s best to expect your semi-truck to begin underperforming. Around the 750,000-mile mark is when you should start paying close attention to how well your trucks are driving. You want to avoid your semi-trucks breaking down in the middle of the road. Here are a few signs that your truck’s engines are failing.


If You’re Spending Quite a Bit of Money at the Pump

If you’re spending more time at the gas pump than usual, this is typically a sign of low fuel economy. Worn or damaged injectors are usually the cause of this.

Not a Lot of Engine Power

Have you discovered that your engine is not giving you a lot of output? Is your semi-truck not pulling the same? Maybe your top speed is merely a fraction of what it used to be. If this is true, there’s a possibility that you’ve lost cylinder compression. Valves, piston rings, or the head gasket can cause your truck to lose its muscle as well. 

If Your Semi-Truck Engines Are Using More Oil

If you’re constantly checking your oil or adding more oil in between changes for fear of running dry, this is a red flag. There’s a possibility that your engine may be leaking or burning oil. The culprits of this are typically piston ring or cylinder issues. 

Excessive Smoke/Blue or Black Exhaust 

Do you notice a lot of smoke or unburnt fuel coming into your crankcase? The reason behind this could be wear and tear on your piston liners or steel ring issues. Also, if the exhaust from your semi-truck is a different color, such as blue or black, this should tell you something. Blue or black exhaust means that you’re burning oil or your engine’s environment is too rich or lean. The latter stems from piston ring, injector, or cylinder ring issues. 

If Your Brakes Are Creating Hazards

Any driver’s worst nightmare is for their brakes to give out on them. If you brace yourself every time you have to drive down a steep hill, you may have lost cylinder compression. Issues with the piston rings or cylinder liner may be two reasons behind this. 

If You Can Hear Your Engine

A loud, knocking engine could mean that the combustion timing might be off or oil contamination. Your semi-truck engine knocking could also mean that there are worn or damaged liner seals, main bearings, or piston skirts. 

If it seems as if your semi-truck engines have seen better days, bring your trucks to us. In Middleton & Meads, you can put your trust. Routine checkups help you detect minor issues before they turn into big, expensive problems. 


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