A Guide on Driving Safely on Winding Roads

Tips on Driving Safely on Winding Roads Middleton & Meads

Winding roads can be difficult and dangerous to navigate

Winding roads can be difficult and dangerous to navigate. For the average driver, winding roads is a hazard. However, commercial truck drivers face unique challenges, especially during the night and inclement weather. This information will benefit both new and seasoned commercial truck drivers. Even veteran truck drivers need a reminder sometimes on how to navigate the road safely. Here is a guide on how to drive safely on winding roads.


Slow Down

Advisory speed limit signs exist for a reason. When you’re driving way too fast, it’s easier to lose control, and you don’t want to lose control while moving along a curve. Even if you’re a skilled driver, oversteering or understeering is a possibility. 

Look Ahead

It’s helpful to look ahead as far as possible. When you do this, it’ll ensure that there will be fewer surprises. You’ll have a better understanding of which way the road will curve or turn to ensure safety. 

Be Observant in Areas Near Animals

Deer running out into the road is an unexpected event that impacts many drivers, in general. You should always be observant, even on familiar roads. However, areas where animals inhabit are particularly dangerous. Keep your eyes open and alert. 

Use High Beams at Night

Darkness, coupled with winding roads, impairs a driver significantly. In any situation where visibility is limited, using your high beams to enhance your visibility can prevent a severe or fatal accident. 

Be Aware of Weather Patterns and Keep Your Truck in Excellent Shape

On a mountainous road during inclement weather, things can be unpredictable. Always know the weather beforehand and drive accordingly. If your vehicle goes off-road, ease off the accelerator pedal and gradually come back onto the pavement. Do not jerk the wheel or hit the brakes back on to the road. 

Finally, when you keep your truck in the best condition, it makes driving smoother and safer all across the board. Brakes, suspension, fluid levels, and steering should have regular checkups. Ensure that tires have enough inflation and that windshields and headlights are clean. Also, store loose materials adequately. We recommend never reaching for an item while you’re driving. If your commercial truck is not in the best shape, reach out to Middleton & Meads today. When you maintain your vehicle, it helps to save your life and the lives of others. 


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