Night Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

Night Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

The nights are getting longer. That means truckers will probably spend most of their time driving at night.

The nights are getting longer. That means truckers will probably spend most of their time driving at night. Although driving carries some risk no matter what time of day you are traveling, it gets especially dicey at night. When visibility is low, it can get even more unsafe. Here is how truckers can stay safe. 

Aim Your Headlights

First of all, take care where you aim your headlights. Adjust the headlights so you can see the lines on the road more clearly. This will be even more helpful in ugly weather. Other drivers will try to zip around you, and sadly, you have bigger blind spots than they do. Don’t point the headlights at traffic going the other direction. If you need more information, consult the operators manual or talk to your dispatchers and supervisors, and technicians, to see what can be done. 

Avoid Looking at Other Lights

Likewise, avoid looking at the headlights coming from other cars. This is generally good advice for all drivers, but truckers are typically carrying heavy trailers loaded with cargo. In case of an accident, all of that cargo can do much more damage to the road and other cars behind and around you. The glare can hurt your eyes and make it hard to see other obstacles. Give your eyes time to adjust. 

Clean the Windshield

Always make sure the windshield is clean! Dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and other environmental hazards can quickly make your windshield dirty. A filthy windshield is more difficult to see through, and if the sun hits it at just the right angle, you can be blinded. Don’t let this happen to you – be proactive and clean your windshields whenever you stop to refuel. 

Get Enough Rest

Make sure you stop and get enough rest. This can help the long haul feel shorter. When you’re exhausted, your reaction times aren’t as quick, and you’ll need all of your wits about you whenever you are on the road or looking for a safe place to stop and take a break! That’s why distracting yourself is never a good idea. 


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