Can You Tell if Your Semi-Truck Has Transmission Issues?

Semi-Truck Transmission Repair Middleton & Meads

At the very first sign that your semi-truck is having transmission issues, contact Middleton & Meads.

You never want to ignore what seems like even the smallest of transmission issues. Small issues can turn into larger problems, thus resulting in costly repairs. At the very first sign that your semi-truck is having transmission issues, contact Middleton & Meads. Here are some surefire warning signs that your semi-truck is having transmission complications. 

Your Semi-Truck Pops Out of Gear/You Can’t Get it Into Gear.

This problem is common in two gears—the first being the one on the low side and the same hole on the high side. Gears popping out of place typically stems from a worn siding clutch in the main box. 

Also, if it takes numerous attempts to get your semi-truck into gear and you hear a grinding noise, you’re probably due for a clutch adjustment. If you hear any grinding issues, in general, this is also a problem. Grinding noises coming from your semi truck’s transmission could mean low fluid or the incorrect ride height adjustment. It’s vital to set the proper ride height because it helps set the pinion angles in your driveline. You usually begin to hear grinding noises when your truck is in high gear. 

Your Transmission Has Fluid Leaks

For your transmission’s moving parts to properly run, you need an adequate amount of clean fluid. It’s a beneficial habit to examine the ground for fluid leaks periodically where you park your truck. If you notice that the fluid transmission is leaking, don’t overlook getting a repair. You don’t want to risk causing further complications.

Your Semi-Truck Barely Accelerates 

For you to accelerate smoothly, your transmission needs to be in excellent shape. If you notice low power while you’re accelerating, a repair is necessary. 

The Bottom Line About Repairs 

Driving a commercial truck is a heavy responsibility. It takes a lot of skill. When driving out on the road, safety should be your number one priority—keeping yourself and others safe means that you won’t ignore your truck’s issues. You can trust Middle & Meads Co. to take care of your commercial truck repairs. Since 1917, we’ve been providing excellent repair services. Do you not feel safe out on the road? Contact us so that we can assess what may be going on with your truck. 


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