Freight Trucks and Cooler Weather

Freight Trucks and Cooler Weather

Even if it doesn’t feel like summer has gone away yet, you still need to do what you can to prepare your truck for the oncoming cooler weather.

The autumn equinox has come and gone, and that means it’s officially fall. Even if it doesn’t feel like summer has gone away yet, you still need to do what you can to prepare your truck for the oncoming cooler weather. Here are some tips for how to do just that.

Double Check the Coolant

Running a diagnostics check on every inch of your truck is a vital part of ensuring your truck continues to run. After all, you don’t want to be stranded somewhere because an essential component failed, leaving you with no way to reach your next destination. The antifreeze delivery system has to be in good condition, and if it isn’t, then get it fixed as soon as you can. Mother Nature doesn’t play around, and whether you’re going to the next town or crossing state borders, the weather can get pretty brutal if you’re not ready for it.

Give Yourself More Time

That said, make life easier on yourself. Give yourself more time when running a route in bad weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, snow, sleet, ice, or hail. Constantly keep an eye on the weather forecast for every part of the route both getting to your next destination and when you need to get home safely. Figuring out how long you need to be behind the wheel will help you determine if the schedule you set for yourself is realistic or not. Be sure to factor in time for rest and stops for food or other reasons where you’ll need to exit the cab, such as getting sick.

Get Antifreeze Gel

You may have already guessed this, but antifreeze is going to be your best friend. The diesel engine is a part of your truck that needs the most attention. Antifreeze gel gives it a coating that prevents it from freezing. This way, the fuel keeps moving even in subzero conditions. You never know when you’ll need to stop and refuel!

Gather Winter Gear

Although it’s still warm now, cooler weather is definitely on the way. Get ahead of the game and collect all of the gear you need to prepare for winter right now. If you need to buy anything, it’s still considered offseason and will be more affordable that way.


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