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Hobbies to Keep Life Fun on the Road

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Finding enjoyable hobbies is critical to help truckers, or anyone, have an outlet that keeps them calm and centered.

While you’re on the road, sometimes things can go less than perfect. Anyone is prone to burnout or high stress even in a job they love doing, and it’s no secret that most truckers love their job. One of the best ways to manage these issues on the road is through hobbies! Being productive and doing something fun that helps you center yourself and unwind can help any trucker stay positive and maintain a healthy mental and emotional state, even on a stressful drive.


Painting & Drawing

Painting and drawing can be cathartic, even if you don’t think you’re especially skilled. Sketching and painting places you’ve been or things you’ve seen that had an impact on you can be very enjoyable and a great way to improve your mood. You can also paint models and miniatures, losing yourself in the quest for excellent details or mixing the perfect colors.

Fiber Arts

Fiber arts include knitting, crochet, embroidery, and cross stitch—among others. Taking yarn or thread and creating something with it is a great way to express yourself in a tangible way. You can work on things that bring you joy, or spend time handcrafting fun gifts for friends and family that you’re missing while you’re out on longer jobs.


Picking up a musical instrument pairs the excitement of learning something new and improving at it with the healing power of a good tune. Filling your trips with delightful sounds is guaranteed to be good for the soul, and you might even help others chase away stress with your melodies. You could even record your work and listen to it during your hauls, appreciating the journey you’ve taken on your instrument of choice.


Audiobooks & Podcasts

Few things hit quite like a good story, and audiobook and podcast services have made it easier than ever to enjoy a good yarn while on the road. This is a great way to break up the monotony of listening to the same music playlist over and over by listening to an interesting story or learning new skills and languages through educational podcasts. These options are incredibly varied in their content, so there’s something for everyone.

Video Games

It’s no secret that trucks have amazing capabilities these days, and the ability to play video games is an option that’s available. Video games are often written off as mindless entertainment, but they can be educational and they sharpen the mind and reflexes, so they can be a beneficial hobby for truckers.

Content Creation

If something you struggle with is a sense of loneliness or loss of social connection, content creation can be a great outlet. Recording a podcast or starting a YouTube channel that focuses on something you’re passionate about can be the perfect way to connect with others and offer a space to exercise your voice when you’re alone on the road.


A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Getting exercise is a great hobby and can be very good for any trucker that spends long hours on the road. For some, finding gyms on their routes will be the best option to take advantage of the specialty machines or even fun classes. For others, a yoga mat and a fitness app are plenty. Whatever method work for you is best.


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