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How Truck Drivers Can Manage Stress

Middleton & Meads Truck Drivers Manage Stress

There are some strategies truck drivers can use to help manage stress and keep themselves in a better place both on and off the road.

Truck drivers have a lot on their plate during every job. They are juggling tight schedules while they also try to care for themselves and fight traffic—it can get stressful very easily. Due to all of this, truck drivers need effective ways to manage stress while they’re on the road. Excessive stress can snowball into severe anxiety, depression, and it can even damage physical health. So, what are the most common causes of stress for truck drivers, and how can they manage it more effectively for a better work experience?

What causes stress for truck drivers?


Being on the road, often alone, takes a toll on a person. While social media and communication technology have evolved to make staying connected easier than ever before, it simply doesn’t replace face-to-face social interaction with others.

No Respect

Truck drivers often feel underappreciated for their efforts. They spend extensive hours on the road to keep goods on our shelves, but they are constantly bullied by other drivers on the road. In some cases, they are also underappreciated by their supervisors and even by customers that rely on their deliveries to stay afloat.

Health Issues

Staying healthy on the road isn’t always an easy task, and some truck drivers struggle. Feeling unwell can lead to issues such as pain and fatigue, which will, in turn, cause stress and anxiety. The most common health issues that plague truck drivers are obesity and high blood pressure, pointing to a need for better physical health.

How can truck drivers combat stress?

Focus On Your Physical Health

Good physical health can lead to good mental health, so one of the best things truck drivers can do for themselves to manage stress is to take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle on the road.

Calm Your Mental State

Finding your zen can help keep stress at bay and center your mood more often, so you’re less susceptible to stress responses when things get dicey.

  • Listen to music you find relaxing
  • Listen to audiobooks or podcasts that keep your mind engaged
  • Make time for a hobby you enjoy
  • Stay in contact with your loved ones
  • Practice meditation (it takes time to work, but stick to it!)


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