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Leading Causes of Truck Breakdowns

Middleton and Meads Truck Breakdowns

Take care of your truck so it can take care of you by watching for common problems that lead to breakdowns.

Truck breakdowns aren’t just an inconvenience, they’re a danger to the rig driver and any nearby vehicles. Foregoing vehicle maintenance isn’t a good idea even for a standard car or truck, but for big rigs it has a higher chance of ending in disaster. Make it a point to have your rig checked for some of the most common factors that lead to a failure.


Brake failure accounts for nearly one-third of all large truck breakdowns. Losing control of your truck and being unable to slow down or stop is a dangerous situation for the truck driver and all of the surrounding vehicles. Always be diligent about having your brakes checked and maintained.

Blown Tires

If you’ve ever driven down a highway, you’ve seen the remains of a big rig’s shredded tire lying off to the side at some point. Blown tires are another leading cause of truck breakdowns, and they can lead to an out-of-control truck that bleeds between lanes or veers off the road. The swaying truck isn’t the only threat to nearby vehicles. Tire debris coming off of the truck is also a major risk. Don’t leave worn tires just because they don’t have obvious damage. Make sure to always maintain your big rig’s tires appropriately to avoid this trouble.


With all of the technology in modern rigs, electrical failures are a major concern. These could result in something as basic as a dead battery or as problematic as dead lights. Whether it delays your shipment or puts other drivers at risk, electrical problems can trigger a multitude of issues. Make sure to have your electrical systems checked thoroughly and regularly.


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