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Maintaining Work/Life Balance as a Truck Driver

Middleton and Meads Work/Life Balance

Achieving a good work/life balance as a truck driver doesn’t have to feel impossible. Take some steps to make life on and off the road better for you and the people you care about.

Spending hours or even days on the road can make it difficult to achieve a good work/life balance. Without this balance, truckers can experience a myriad of issues for themselves and their loved ones. Choosing the right trucking company and being a proactive, mindful driver will help truckers of all kinds make the most of their time which can aid in boosting mental and physical health, and helps them make room for the important people in their lives.

Avoid Forced Dispatch

Forced dispatch companies are the right choice for truckers who prefer to be working as much as possible, but for drivers who want to be present for their families and friends forced dispatch should be strictly avoided. There are companies that will work with you and your scheduling needs to help you keep a good work/life balance depending on your situation. You will still need to spend a lot of time on the road in most cases, but ultimately you’ll have more structure and be able to plan life around your trucking responsibilities so you can show up for the people you care about.

Plan Your Route

Once you have a route, plot it out. Take important things into account such as rest stops, where you’re going to eat, what time you’ll be driving through populated areas, and even what kind of sights are on the way. If you can take a small detour to see something cool, you can take some quick photos which will be fun for you and an interesting story to tell people later. Planning your route can also save you time, which can benefit you in many ways.

Indulge Yourself

If you do manage to sneak out some extra time, take a detour to a place on your route that you want to see. Or park somewhere and spend some time on a hobby you take on the road with you. Truckers do lots of things from writing poetry, to painting, to photography, and even gaming! Keeping a good work/life balance means making time for your loved ones, but also for yourself. Be sure to indulge when you can because it will refresh your mind and body, making life as a trucker more enjoyable.


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