Semi-Trucks: Mileage and Maintenance Tips

Semi-Trucks: Mileage and Maintenance Tips Middleton & Meads

Today’s topic of discussion will be semi-trucks, particularly what you should know about mileage and maintenance

Today’s topic of discussion will be semi-trucks, particularly what you should know about mileage and maintenance. Semi-trucks indeed pack more than passenger vehicles. However, that doesn’t mean your semi-truck will last forever. So, just how long do semi-trucks last? How can you keep them in their best shape? Let’s find out right now! 

Semi-Trucks and Their Average Lifespan 

The average SUV or Sedan starts losing its value around the 200,000-mile marker. However, typically drivers of these vehicles aren’t on the road for hundreds or thousands of miles each day. Most people commute to work each week, take the occasional road trip, run errands, and take local leisure trips or visit family.

On the other hand, semi-trucks can last up to 750,000 miles or more. Surprisingly, some vehicles can last around 1 million miles, depending on how well you care for them and other factors. As far as time, on average, semi-trucks can last for up to 15 years. 

Diesel Gas: a Reason Semi-Trucks Last so Long 

Diesel, as opposed to an engine run on gas, boasts exceptional durability. Diesel is lighter, more efficient, safer, and runs slower with lower RPM, resulting in less wear and tear. A diesel engine also prevents engine failure through gear-based mechanics, numerous thermostats, functional valve design, and many more advantages. 

Semi-Truck Maintenance Tips

You can bring your semi-truck to the best repair shop for truck maintenance, which is, of course, Middleton & Meads. Our over 100 years of experience is one of many reasons you should choose us first. Our service technicians want nothing more than to keep your semi-truck in the best condition. If you want your truck to last as long as possible, recurrent maintenance is a must, and some of these maintenance tasks include:

  1. Keeping your engine lubricated with regular oil changes
  2. Check on your exhaust and cooling systems.
  3. Stabilize and keep your engine system clean with diesel fuel additives and enhance performance. 


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