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Semi-Truck Collisions: How to Avoid Them

Semi-Truck Collisions Prevention Middleton & Meads

Collisions, in general, can be devastating.

Collisions, in general, can be devastating. However, semi-truck collisions are terrifying due to the size of a semi-truck. If you’re ever in an accident, you can count on Middleton & Meads to get your semi-trucks back up to speed. We specialize in mechanical repairs, but we also provide complete collision repairs. Mechanical repairs are necessary, while collision repairs are avoidable. Here some a few tips on how to avoid semi-truck collisions.

Watch Your Speed to Avoid Semi-Truck Collisions

A common misconception is that a speed limit is a recommendation, but it’s the law. Speed regulations prevent accidents, especially when you’re driving a semi-truck. Due to the vehicle’s mass, it makes it much harder to slow down quickly. For that reason, you want to ensure that you’re going at a reasonable speed at all times, particularly when the weather is inclement

Take Your Breaks

The top cause of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. Many people assume that distracted driving automatically means that a person is on their cell phone. However, fatigue or sitting for too many hours can divert your attention or cause you to zone out and not drive defensively. Ensure that you take your breaks, get enough sleep, and follow the strict regulations that outline the number of hours you should be on the road. 

Never Use Caffeine as a Substitute for Sleep

Truck drivers work long hours. Even the drivers who aren’t long-haul drivers may not get home until 8:00 at night, even after starting a 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. shift. It’s safe to say that it can be hard to have a proper work-life balance when working in the trucking industry. With that in mind, some truck drivers use caffeine such as coffee or energy drinks to combat fatigue. However, these drinks wear off and can cause drivers to crash, both literally and figuratively. 

Learn Your Vehicle and Invest in Maintenance

Any person who drives a motor vehicle should know it operates. We advise that you become familiar with your type of vehicle, how it works, and telltale signs that it’s not performing optimally. Maintenance issues are one of the top reasons that collisions happen. Brake failure, steering issues, and many other factors can lead to an accident. With that in mind, you should always have a trusted repair shop in your contacts that can service your truck, help you avoid costly repairs, and even save your life or someone else’s. 

If you’re not sure if your truck is in the best condition, give us a call today! 


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