The Need-to-Knows Before You Begin CDL Training

Tips Before CDL Training Middleton & Meads

Before you’re road-ready, there are some things you should know about CDL training

Today’s topic of discussion will be some things that you need to know before you begin CDL training. We want to help you avoid bumps in the road. Rookie drivers aren’t the only people who can make mistakes. There are requirements before you even obtain your CDL that some people might overlook. These requirements can help determine if a career in truck driving will be a smooth ride for you. Before CDL training begins, here is some valuable information to keep in mind. 

Before CDL Training Begins, the Following is Essential: 

  • A clean driving record
  • A reasonably clean criminal record
  • A clean drug and alcohol history
  • A medical record that shows you’re in decent health
  • A credible work history

After receiving your CDL, most companies will want a three-year motor vehicle record showing that you don’t have speeding tickets, careless driving, accidents, or suspensions attached to your name. Even if you have a 20-year driving history without any mistakes, a company will look at any violations within the past few years. In addition, companies look at your drug and alcohol history and your criminal record to gauge character and assess how seriously you take your driving privileges. 

As far as medical history, most truck companies will look at factors such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or any medical condition that could alter how you drive or be a safety hazard. DOT has its standards. However, every company’s standards are subjective. It’s essential to research what they will allow versus what they won’t. Also, even if you’ve never held a career as a professional driver, your work history still matters. Any employer wants to see how reliable you are. If you have to work on any of these factors, take a year to do so. Work on your health and get your driving record in better shape. 

Other Things to Consider Before CDL Training 

The trucking life isn’t for everyone. Here are two questions to consider before investing in driving school:

  1. Do I need to be at home more often? When you’re a truck driver, you typically don’t work a 9-5 schedule. You also have to think about if your family will benefit from you being on the road for many hours or days if you’re a long-haul driver. If you’re married and you believe a lot of stress would be on your spouse due to your absence, a career in truck driving might not be the best idea. 
  2. Do I Have an Extensive Idea of What I’ll Experience as a Truck Driver? Middleton & Meads delivers content on how to have an excellent work-life balance and, of course, how to keep your semi-truck in the best shape. However, there are millions of forums and videos that go into depth about the life of a truck driver. Use them to your advantage. Only truck drivers can give you the best accounts of the trucker lifestyle. 


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