Fall Trucking Safety Tips That Professional Truck Drivers Should Follow

Fall Trucking Safety Tips Middleton Meads

Here we are, yet another week to provide you with trucking safety tips

Here we are, yet another week to provide you with trucking safety tips. When you’re a professional truck driver, safety should be at the core of everything you do. Fall will be here next week, and here are some trucking safety  tips that will help prepare you for driving in this weather. 

Trucking Safety Tips Will Always Involve Watching Out for Wildlife

Deer, elk, and moose can be a threat when you’re driving any motor vehicle. Once you notice one, be careful because many mammals tend to travel in groups. We recommend looking around for warning signs posted by authorities. When you encounter an animal, hit the brakes only if you can stay in control of your truck while doing so. Refrain from swerving because you could risk flipping your vehicle as well as putting the lives of others in danger. 

Pay Attention to Weather Changes 

Recently, we discussed the dangers of hurricane season, which doesn’t end until November 30th. Fog, rain, wind pose potential threats to anyone on the road. It would help to check the weather report several times a day and be aware of changes. The wind scattering leaves around is also something else to keep in mind. Reduce your speed when you see wet leaves and debris because they make tires slid and make bumps on the road invisible.

Ensure That You Have Operational Lights 

Fall means shorter days and longer nights which impacts visibility. Poor nighttime visibility can cause severe accidents. When it becomes darker, you should also slow down and increase your following distance. 

Slow Down

This tip deserves a paragraph of its own because we have to reiterate the dangers of speeding. A semi-truck cannot slow down as quickly as other motor vehicles. Bridges and overpasses covered with early frost should serve as a reminder for you to take extra caution. 

Bring Your Truck to Middleton & Meads 

Truck maintenance is a must. If you want to ensure that your semi-truck is in the best condition before the weather drops, give us a call. We specialize in DOT inspections and various essential aspects of truck maintenance. 


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