Trucking Tips: The Downsides and Dangers of Overloading a Semi-Truck!

Overloaded Semi-Truck Trucking Tips Middleton & Meads

Today we will share trucking tips as it pertains to overloaded semi-trucks.

Today we will share trucking tips as it pertains to overloaded semi-trucks. Overloaded semi-trucks can cause dangerous accidents, which could cause injuries or worse. You never want to be the person held liable for a trucking accident. Trucking accidents are avoidable if you always take the proper precautions. Federal and state restrictions provide strict weight limitations to prevent dangerous conditions such as these. 

For example, in Maryland, the weight limit is 27,000 pounds for single-unit trucks, and tandem trucks must not exceed 52,000lbs. Super-load trucks 120,000-150,000lbs for interstate-only travel. You never want to make a rookie mistake with so many rules and not load your truck properly. You never want to maximize profits but risk your truck’s performance and your life by transporting more than you should. Here are trucking tips about the downsides and dangers of overloading a semi-truck! 

Poor Braking Performance 

It can take 500 feet for a semi-truck traveling 65 MPH to stop when it’s transporting an 80,000 lb load. Heavier loads can extend this distance. This disadvantage is so dangerous because it’s harder to gauge if a truck will stop in time to avoid certain obstacles, keep up with traffic flow, and avoid collisions. The uncertainty can prevent a driver from making accurate assessments, leading to a higher chance of a mishap. 

More of a Risk of Mechanical Failure 

Motor vehicle manufacturers have weight limits for a reason. They cannot ensure that a vehicle’s structure can stay durable past a specific weight load. An overloaded semi-truck could experience a blowout or brake failure on the highway, which no driver wants. The steering or transmission systems may also fail, which could cause a semi-truck to jackknife into oncoming traffic. 

Overloaded Trucks Assists in Road Surface Degradation

You can imagine that highways and street roads experience a lot of wear and tear. Every driver has experience running over or trying to avoid a massive pothole. Roads, bridges, and highways need a lot of maintenance due to all of the traffic they encounter. Overloaded vehicles can add to a road surface requiring care. 

Heavy Vehicles Worsen Already Dangerous Collisions 

Let’s take a journey back to physics class. Heavier objects carry more force than lighter objects traveling at the same speed. Speed changes also generate inertia. This inertia’s impact is more significant when there is a heavy object involved. These laws combined mean that a semi-truck can be unstoppable because of all this momentum. Overloaded trucks can cause more property damage, and sadly, damage to people. 

Every morning before you drive, ensure that you’re doing pre-trip inspections and following all safety rules. Also, bringing your trucks into Middleton & Meads is one sure-fire way to ensure that their performances are optimal. 


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