A Minibus: The Three Common Repair Issues It Faces

3 Common Minibus Repair Issues Middleton & Meads

A minibus has the significant role of transporting people to a designated area safely.

A minibus has the significant role of transporting people to a designated area safely. By definition, a minibus typically doesn’t transport more than about thirty people. An example of this would be a church van. For decades, many people have depended on a minibus for transportation for many reasons. The benefits of taking a minibus aren’t only synonymous with the elderly or people with limited mobility. Some people like the convenience of not driving. Others would prefer to avoid expensive gas costs, or some people don’t own a vehicle.  

For anyone to be successful in the transportation industry, it means that your vehicles have to run optimally. Buses of all sizes can face much potential damage because of the heavy mileage they bear. For that reason, it matters that you often invest in maintenance to avoid costly repairs and not put your passengers at risk. Here are three common repair issues that a minibus may face. 

The Tires on A Minibus May Blow Out

Regardless of the vehicle type, the tires should always be on your radar. The tires on a minibus could experience a full-on puncture, a blowout, a sidewall break, or balding. The tires are your bus’s entire foundation, and without them working correctly, the ride will not be smooth. More importantly, your passengers won’t be safe. The easy fix is to have your tires replaced, which we can help with while helping you decided if used, or new tires are the better option. 

Damaged Windows

It depends on the area where you’re providing services, but vandalism can be an issue. Fortunately, bus windows have safety glass on them to protect passengers while the vehicle is operating. If you ever find that your bus has a damaged window, you want it repaired right away. Otherwise, you risk not complying with local laws. Plus, a broken bus window takes away from your company’s professionalism. Most buses have the company name in paint or with a wrap. With that in mind, you want to do all you can to reflect your business in the best light possible. 

Various Mechanical Issues

A minibus can endure common mechanical issues that can include problems with the transmission, carburetor, coolant system, or tie rods under the vehicle. Usually, you can detect that your bus is not operating as it should, but it’s hard to gauge the exact problem. That’s where an expert mechanic can help! You don’t want to be off the road too long, and you can depend on the experts here at Middleton Meads to ensure that. 


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