Semi-Trucks and Accident Prevention: What to Know

Semi-Truck and Accident Prevention Middleton & Meads

Today’s topic of discussion will be semi-trucks and what you need to know about how to prevent an accident.

Today’s topic of discussion will be semi-trucks and what you need to know about how to prevent an accident. We often discuss semi-trucks and accident prevention because a semi-truck weighs tons and can do much damage. However, by “accident,” we mean mistakes that may happen in your day-to-day trucker life and not necessarily a motor vehicle crash. Here is what you should know. 

Semi-Trucks Should Move Methodically and Slowly 

Of course, when you’re driving, you should keep up with traffic. However, whatever you’re doing, you want to be methodical about it. When you’re a professional driver, you should take your time when: 

  • You come and go through a truck stop
  • You pull in and out of a yard
  • You have to look for a new customer’s location.
  • You back your rig into a loading dock. 

Cover All Your Bases

You can cover each one of your bases by being thorough. You can do so by checking blind spots, performing pre-trip inspections, and ensuring that you look at more than the front of your semi-truck, particularly when leaving the yard. You never know when there will be obstacles. 

Plan Your Trip 

One significant challenge of being a professional truck driver is finding your delivery location. Many drivers would say that traveling to a place that they’ve never been before leaves some uncertainty. New drivers, in particular, might be extra apprehensive even with their designated dropoff area located on the GPS. New drivers, in particular, should make trip planning a part of their routine. Extra stress can lead to a lapse in judgment, confusion, and delayed decisions. 

Go Old School with a Road Map 

A GPS can be a lifesaver. However, it also has its drawbacks. Road maps will always be a necessary backup. A GPS can make mistakes, and veteran and rookie drivers alike can benefit from having an additional source to help them get where they need to go. Once again, stress (and uncertainty) can cause accidents and poor judgment.  

Contact the Vendor for Help 

Before dropping off your delivery, it helps tenfold to have detailed instructions from the vendor. Ensure that you speak to someone who guides trucks in and out of the facility each day. You’ll also want to note what they’re telling you compared to what the GPS does. It’s always better to have three reference points versus one. 

Trust Yourself

When backing up a large vehicle, people tend to want to have a spotter. It’s best to remember that a spotter isn’t to blame if you back up and hit something. Plus, people only tend to focus on one part of the truck. You want to have complete control of the vehicle and trust yourself enough to handle various situations while taking accountability. 


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