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Why is Diagnostic Testing Important?

Middleton & Meads Diagnostic Testing

Having regular diagnostic testing done on your truck will ensure that you’re informed when a problem arises.

Nearly everyone has experienced the frustration of a dashboard light turning on and the auto shop telling them the sensor malfunctioned. For a personal vehicle, this is one thing. For your work truck, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Diagnostic testing is important for keeping your diagnostic system in exceptional condition because it is the first line of defense for the health of your vehicle.

Early Warning

Your diagnostic system is an early warning system that will tell you when your gas tank is low, tire pressure is off, or if there is something wrong with your engine. Keeping your diagnostic system in top form will keep these warnings timely and trustworthy so you can act immediately to get your vehicle repaired before the issue gets more serious. A faulty diagnostic system could produce false alarms or fail to warn you of a current issue, putting your truck at risk.

Improved Longevity

A well-maintained vehicle will last a long time and a working diagnostic system will make it a lot easier. Getting those early warnings means you can manage problems as soon as they arise, seeking repairs and keeping your truck from suffering secondary damage due to an ongoing problem. In addition, a big rig is a big investment so it’s not feasible or desirable to simply buy a new one every few years. These trucks are often customized to their drivers and have been a major investment in getting them just right, so it’s preferable to keep them on the road as long as possible. A good, operational diagnostic system can help you do that.

Avoid Downtime

Scheduled downtime is great, but unexpected downtime is a nightmare for any truck driver. Stopping for diagnostic false alarms or unexpected, serious issues due to a faulty diagnostic system can eat away at precious hours needed to complete a job on time. This can back drivers into a corner and cost the company a lot of money. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone, so it’s ideal to do regular diagnostic testing to ensure the system is working correctly and won’t cause any unnecessary stops during a job.


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