The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Electrical System

Middleton and Meads Electrical System

As technology continues to become integrated with commercial vehicles, it is more important than ever to have your electrical system regularly checked and maintained.

The importance of vehicle components, such as tires and brakes, is indisputable, but a neglected area of many vehicles is the electrical system. This system provides the heartbeat that brings your truck to life. It keeps the gears turning, and the fancy new systems operational. The constantly evolving technology being implemented into commercial trucks is meant to make the lives of truckers easier, but it can’t do that if the electrical system isn’t appropriately maintained.


Your truck’s electrical system begins at the batteries. These should be changed out every 6 months to avoid any issues, even if they’re currently working. These components are critical to keeping the truck running, but they also run the many electrical systems in your vehicle. From lights to electronic logging devices, the batteries power them all with the help of your alternator.

Electrical Components

There are the standard electrical components we all know and love; lights, air conditioning, heat, and cruise control, among others. However, there are a number of new electronic components that are also run by your truck, such as collision mitigation technology, dynamic routing, and trailer tracking. The higher the electric load, the more susceptible your batteries are to wear. 

Influx of Technology

Technology continues to permeate our lives, becoming an integral part of our vehicles. Trucks will continue to get smarter, and that means trucks will continue to need regular maintenance on their electric systems. These systems keep the vehicle in motion, while also making sure the many systems integrated with it are operating correctly. Technology can make our lives easier, but only when it is properly and carefully maintained.


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