Brake Repair: 5 Signs That it Should Happen

Brake Repair Signs Middleton & Meads

Today’s topic of discussion will be five signs that brake repair should happen.

Today’s topic of discussion will be five signs that brake repair should happen. Semi-trucks and trailers use air braking systems instead of hydraulic fluid. You won’t have to fear running low on fluid or developing severe brake problems because of a leak with that in mind. An air braking system helps the trailer to work safely and in tandem with a semi-truck. However, it’s still vital to check on your brakes’ performance because of the weight that professional truck drivers carry. Even the best air braking systems can experience wear and tear over time. 

If you have braking issues, it can put you and the others around you in grave condition. Stop by Middleton & Meads for your braking needs. Here are five signs that brake repair should be immediate. 

Brake Repair is Necessary if You Hear Squealing 

Sounds tell us a lot about a condition’s vehicle. For example, when you hear a loud motor driving down the road, you may speculate that this vehicle needs an engine repair or has transmission problems. If your brakes are squealing, then it’s most likely time for a brake pad replacement. Every 50,000 miles, a brake pad replacement is necessary. 

Grinding Noises 

This sound indicates that your brake pad is no longer of valuable use and may have disintegrated. When brake pads are no longer functional, it puts your rotors at risk of a lot of damage. If you hear these noises, you’ll want to bring your truck to one of our skilled service technicians to ensure that you don’t end up with even more costly repairs. 

If you Notice Vibrations Coming from Your Brakes 

If vibrations come from your brakes, this is most likely due to bent rotors. Warped rotors stem from the fact that semi-trucks carry such heavy loads

If Your Vehicle Changes Direction 

If you hit your brakes and your semi-truck changes directions, pulls or veers to one side, this is a sign that there may be uneven brake pad wear. All vehicles should continue moving forward once a driver applies the brakes. 

A Brake Pedal That Isn’t Durable. 

A brake pedal that’s too soft is unproblematic. How do you know if it’s too soft? If you step on the pedal and it falls to the floor, then you most likely are driving with worn brake pads. Another alternative could be that there is a leak in the air brake line. 


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