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Important Factors for Brake Maintenance

Middleton and Meads Brake Maintenance

Keeping your brakes in good repair is important for the safety of yourself and other drivers around you.

Seasoned truck drivers who have been driving their vehicles for years will have a good handle on their brakes, how they’re performing, and how often they should be doing maintenance. Newer drivers, however, need more time to hone their intuition and get adjusted to their cab’s behaviorisms. For them, there are a few factors to consider when it’s time to think about brake maintenance.

Check Them Regularly

The brakes of a semi-truck have to stop the cab and the box, meaning they undergo immense strain. New drivers should be looking at their brakes often to get an idea of what they should look like if they’re going to be checking the brakes themselves on occasion. This will help them determine issues more quickly because they’ll know what the brakes have looked like up to that point. For all drivers, it is recommended to have brakes checked and serviced any time you receive an oil change. This keeps your brakes on a healthy schedule and minimizes the risk of brake failure. Also, the more you do in one stop, the fewer stops you’ll need to make overall.

Have Parts Replaced

Make sure you are having your brake parts regularly maintained and replaced. Some brake pads have a brake wear indicator, which is a great tool to help you determine when it’s time to have your brakes fully serviced. Springs, pins, and bushings will also likely be replaced when the pads are to ensure the brakes are fully operational and in top condition. Again, this will save you an extra stop by having all of these components replaced at once so it’s a win-win.

Go to the Professionals

Experienced drivers will likely have some knowledge of truck repairs, but ultimately it’s important to have your truck serviced by the experts. Truck maintenance is always evolving, and professionals will have access to the best diagnostic tools, as well as extensive experience that helps them to quickly and easily diagnose any issues. They’ll know exactly how to manage your brake maintenance so you can get back out on the road with confidence.


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