4 Ways to Ship Cargo or Freight

4 Ways to Ship Cargo or Freight

Shipping cargo doesn’t need to be an obstacle. Many truckers are concerned with how to do it and get it to its destination on time.

Shipping cargo doesn’t need to be an obstacle. Many truckers are concerned with how to do it and get it to its destination on time. What those truckers and even some owner-operators don’t realize is that there are multiple ways to ship the cargo or freight you need to carry.


LTL is an acronym that stands for less than truckload. This is one of the most common options because it saves money. Smaller cargo loads are going to be a fact of life when you are a truck driver. The loads here range anywhere from 100 to 20,000 pounds. It depends on the number of items that must be shipped. The freight itself is split up into several loads. This tactic is followed so that it can help save time, money, and fuel. This also means that the entire fleet of trucks may be needed to pass through several transport hubs to reach the endpoint.

Volume LTL

Volume LTL is essentially the same as regular LTL. in this case, the items that need to be shipped are much larger and need several pallets to hold. The total cargo weighs over 6000 pounds and also occupies more than twelve feet on the trailer assigned to carry it. While these are all requirements, only one of them needs to be met for the cargo to be classified as volume LTL. This is where weighting and sizing become even more important because if you do it incorrectly, you could be subject to penalties.

By the Truckload

Then there is shipping by the truckload. Many people think this is the most common method used for transporting cargo. The truck is filled with cargo that is all bound for the same place instead of multiple stops along the way. The weight of the cargo tends to be much heavier as well: somewhere between 5,000 to 45,000 pounds. This method also improves shipping times.

Expedited Shipping

For the quickest turnaround times, rely on expedited shipping. This is an option that many consumers use when ordering items online. When no stops are needed on a long haul, expedited shipping can help get the cargo there especially when there is a tight deadline to meet.


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