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Should Truckers Use Dashcams?

Middleton & Meads Dashcams

The trucking industry has recently started installing dashcams in their vehicles and the immediate results have shown several benefits.

Dashcams have experienced increasing popularity in recent years. While the footage from these devices can make for some interesting YouTube content, their main purpose is to exonerate a driver from liability in the event of an accident. The reality is that determining fault is, well, faulty for officers when they’re getting two different versions of events and need to use circumstantial evidence to decide who is in the wrong—the result being that truckers are often determined to be at fault even when the driver has done nothing wrong. A dashcam provides many benefits for drivers, fleet managers, and even company owners by providing conclusive video evidence during accidents.

Protection During an Accident

One of the most common reasons anyone installs a dashcam on their vehicle is so that they can have video evidence during an accident to prove that they were not at fault. Unfortunately, truckers are often ticketed for accidents, even when they are not at fault, which can raise fleet insurance rates and create a financial burden for the company that employs them. With video evidence, truckers have a better chance of proving when they’re not at fault and avoiding unnecessary tickets and insurance claims.

Faster Resolution

Not only will video evidence help truck drivers avoid false accusations, but it will also help in speeding up the process of making insurance claims. Trucks can sustain significant damage during an accident. The loss isn’t just in the truck and its repairs but also in any goods that may be delayed due to the accident. This is a serious problem for trucking companies, so faster insurance claims with video evidence will ease the financial burden sooner by decreasing the wait time on a financial payout.

Lower Insurance

Just installing dashcams can lower insurance rates for trucking companies and fleet managers. You won’t only get a break on your insurance rates for having them, but you can keep insurance rates lower for every accident that a driver can prove that they were not at fault. This can ensure lower rates for a longer time, providing significant savings in the long run.

Safer Drivers

Some dashcams are dual-purpose, recording the road in front of the vehicle as well as the inside of the cab. This can certainly raise some privacy concerns with drivers and needs to be considered, but the footage from these cameras has proven useful during training. Fleet managers and driving coaches have begun to use the footage to show trucker accidents and provide evidence of what can go wrong on the road while opening a discussion on how these incidents can be avoided through safe driving practices. Some managers have reported a significant decrease in serious incidents in just a few months after installing dashcams in their fleet trucks.


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