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Is it Better to Buy Your Semi-Truck Used or New?

Middleton & Meads Semi-Truck Used New

Whether it’s better to buy your semi-truck used or new, depends on your circumstances and what is more important to you.

Whether you’re a fleet owner, operator, or a professional truck driver looking for a new semi-truck, everyone is faced with the same question: is it better to buy your semi-truck used or new? Both options have their own pros and cons to consider before you make a decision that works for you.

New Trucks

Buying a new truck off the lot is an exciting feeling, but is it the right choice for you?


  • No History: One of the main draws of buying a new semi-truck is that it doesn’t have any history for you to deal with once you pick it up off the lot.
  • Solid Warranty: Not only will the truck lack a sketchy past, it will also come with a great warranty to handle any issues that may come up in the early years of your ownership.
  • Long Life: A new truck will have a good, long life with proper care and maintenance. A used truck could die on you at any time due to unknown wear and tear.
  • New Features: A new semi-truck off the lot will come with a lot of great, modern features that might be worth having if it makes the lives of the fleet operator and truck drivers easier. It might be worth it to see what modern technology is bringing to the table to shape the future of modern trucking.


  • More Expensive: The number one reason people end up choosing used vehicles instead of buying new ones is the difference in cost. For many, the initial investment in new vehicles is just too high.

Used  Trucks

Buying a used truck doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting an inferior product.


  • Cheaper: Used trucks are a great option for many fleet owners and truck drivers because they’re cheaper, so they minimize operating costs.
  • Better Variety: Generally, new trucks that are available will be limited. With used trucks, just about anything can turn up. This can be a good option if you prefer a specific make and/or model of truck that isn’t sold new anymore or if you just want more options to explore.


  • Unknown History: The biggest caveat of buying a used truck is the potential for some history that you don’t know about. This could mean damage you’re not aware of and a potentially short lifespan for the truck once it’s in your possession.
  • No Warranty: If something breaks or needs maintenance, it’s on you to take care of it if you choose to buy used. There won’t be any warranty or other coverage to fall in many cases, so it’s important to know what you’re buying.


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