Learn More about Your Diesel Engine

Learn More about Your Diesel Engine

A diesel engine still gets the truck from one place to the other, how different could it be, right?

As a trucker, you go to many classes to earn your CDL certification. In your classes, you learn a lot about trucking, various rules of the road, dealing with the different challenges associated with this lifestyle, and much more. One of the most important things you learn about during your CDL training is about diesel engines and how operation differs from that of a standard vehicle. A diesel engine still gets the truck from one place to the other, how different could it be, right? Here are just a couple of the ways the diesel engine in your truck differs from the engine in a regular vehicle.

Engine Temperature

In a standard vehicle, it is important to keep an eye on your coolant. When a gasoline engine gets too hot, it can malfunction and cause any number of problems. While a diesel engine still needs coolant, it doesn’t depend on the fluid as heavily. Diesel engines are made to pull much heavier loads than gasoline engines, which is why they are used in freight vehicles. It takes a lot more for a diesel engine to overheat.

Keep an Eye on Idle Time

Let’s pretend for a minute that you’re in your regular vehicle and you’re going to pick someone up. Just before you get there, they text and tell you that they need a few extra minutes. You tell them it’s fine and you pull into a parking spot to sit and wait. Instead of turning off the engine, you just let it idle so that you can keep the A/C or heat running. With your car, this practice is super common and just fine. In your truck, however, idling can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your diesel engine. Even in the winter when you want the fuel to stay as warm as possible, it’s still better to turn it off and turn it back on again when you’re ready to go. While idling, the diesel fuel doesn’t get the chance to combust properly, which can cause clogs in your fuel lines and release unnecessary pollutants into the air around you.


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