Truck and Trailer Spring Maintenance Tips

Truck and Trailer Spring Maintenance Tips Middleton & Meads

Trucks and trailers take quite a beating during the winter season, and spring is the right time to give them a fresh lease on life with maintenance.

The official start of spring is tomorrow, and this season is synonymous with renewal. Trucks and trailers take quite a beating during the winter season, and spring is the right time to give them a fresh lease on life with maintenance. You should uncover winter truck and trailer damage before extensive damage happens. The trucking rule of thumb is to keep your vehicle in the best condition to extend its lifespan. Without an experienced technician on your side, it can be hard to know what to look out for, which is why we’re sharing these tips! Here are a few truck and trailer spring maintenance tips. 

Check the Brakes and Lights

The East Coast got hit with quite a bit of snow this winter. With that said, ice and snow can put a lot of pressure on your brakes. So can rain! Inspect your truck lines, hoses, brake fluid levels, and parking breaks to ensure everything is working optimally. Your lights are also a crucial component of being a safe truck driver. Take a thorough look at your brake lights, headlights, taillights, and your hazard lights.

Inspect Your Batteries

Whether it’s a passenger vehicle or a semi-truck, waiting for the engine to heat up in the morning can take a toll on your batteries, along with your plugs and wires. The trucking rule of thumb here is not to use a battery that’s older than three years. No one wants to have to call a toll truck while on the job. It’s always best to be safe versus sorry and replace worn-out truck parts. 

Look Into Tire Pressure

We often stress the importance of ensuring your truck tires are at their best. Cold weather can indeed reduce tire pressure, which is why during the spring, you should ensure your tires are not balding. A flat or blowout while driving is more dangerous than words could express. Plus, catching tire issues before they become worse saves you a pretty penny. 

Check Your Fluid Levels and Windshield Wipers

It’s a given that you need to check your oil. However, it would be best to look into your transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid. Why? Low fluid levels or dirty fluids impact your rig’s performance. Also, you know what they say about April. “April showers bring May flowers.” With this in mind, your windshield wipers should be durable enough to handle spring storms. Do you want your truck and trailer to be on par? Then look no further, because here we are! Middleton & Meads has what you need so that you can handle fleet management with ease


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