Truck Drivers: Add These Resolutions to Your List

New Year's Resolutions for Truck Drivers

We’re encouraging truck drivers to take care of themselves during the workday and in general

Truck drivers face particular obstacles when they’re out on the road. The long hours can cause a lot to happen to the body. For this reason, we’re encouraging truck drivers to take care of themselves during the workday and in general. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that any truck driver can find valuable. 

Drink A Lot of Water

When you’re tired and you’ve been out on the road all day, it’s not hard to opt for sugary snacks or caffeine-filled beverages. However, these options can do more harm than good. Water is the best option there is. It keeps you hydrated but also regulates your energy levels. You won’t have to stress over the soaring energy levels you gain from sugar and caffeine only to crash. 

Chat With Your Loved Ones

If you’re a long-haul driver, one goal to keep in mind is chatting with loved ones and friends more so that the isolation you may be feeling isn’t as bad. We recommend that you schedule phone calls and video chats with family and friends to lift your spirits and make it clear how much you love and care about them. 

Exercise More

When you sit in one position for hours at a time, you have to stretch. This advice is accurate for both truck drivers and office workers alike. Get exercise by parking further away from truck stops. You can also do a few laps around your truck each time you stop. It would be best if you also stretched not to run the risk of becoming too stiff. 

Be Better to Your Eyes

When you drive for hours at a time, it affects your eyes. Make sure to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist every year. If you need glasses or contacts for your vision to be at its best, always wear them while driving. It’s also a useful idea to wear sunglasses on sunny days to protect your eyes from UV ray damage. 

Use Less Fuel

The best way to minimize fuel consumption is to take care of your truck. Routine maintenance is essential, and we can help you ensure that you’re driving a fuel-efficient truck. Check your tire pressure before you take on the road. It’s also helpful to keep a fair amount of space between your vehicle and trailer because it can reduce gas mileage


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