Unique Truck Driving Rules Varied by State

Truck Driving Rules by State Middleton & Meads

Some of these unique truck driving rules may shock you!

Some of these unique truck driving rules may shock you! Long-haul drivers drive nationwide. For this reason, it makes sense for them to know all about state-by-state driving rules. Standard truck driving rules include:

  • Watching your speed.
  • Not driving in a particular lane.
  • Not following too closely to anyone else on the road.
  • Not texting while driving.

These rules benefit you regardless of the state you’re driving in, but some states are more particular than others. 

Rockville, MD

There are many misconceptions about truck drivers, specifically that they’re known for road rage and using profane language. What’s the unique truck driving rule that Rockville, MD, has? Truck drivers cannot curse while driving. If a pedestrian hears them using swear words, it’s a misdemeanor. 

Derby, Kansas

We doubt that any truck driver who cares about their job would be bold enough to attempt to drag race on the job. Still, you should know that screeching tires will get you in trouble in Derby, Kansas. This city considers it unlawful to turn your tires in a manner that will cause them to screech. 


It’s hazardous for any driver to operate a motor vehicle without wearing glasses if they need them. California doesn’t have any issue with motor vehicle drivers wearing glasses altogether, but you have to be careful about how thick they are. The state of California believes that you shouldn’t restrict your vision with bulky shades. The temple width can’t be a one-half inch or more. 

Minnetonka, Minnesota

Every motor vehicle operator should take pride in their car or truck without a doubt. Some companies give drivers a voucher to get their trucks washed, or there may be a van that comes around that hoses down the trucks. Don’t catch yourself in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with dirty tires. Why? Minnetonka considers it a nuisance when truck drivers or other drivers deposit mud, dirt, or any form of a sticky substance or litter on the road. 

For more truck driving rules, be sure to keep following our content. Regardless of what state you’re coming through, it would be best if you always strived to keep safety at the forefront. One of the best ways to be safe is to ensure that your semi-truck is running in the best condition possible. Middleton & Meads can help you in that effort. 


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